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3 New SM4/SM4BAT Features Available Now

3 New SM4/SM4BAT Features Available Now

Here at Wildlife Acoustics, we're always listening. Our Song Meter SM4 and SM4BAT represent hardware and software improvements from over a decade of customer feedback.

While we have gotten very positive responses from the field, we still had a few feature requests that we knew we could add to make them even better.

The best part is that they are free and can be added with a simple firmware update! 

Advanced Schedule Mode

The SM4 and SM4BAT now have even more recording flexibility than before. With Advanced Schedule mode, you can run different schedules on different days. Select 'Advanced Settings' in the settings menu to access this feature or stick to the original daily schedule mode to keep things simple. 

W4V Compression Format

Now, three levels of recording file compression are available to save card space. Our new W4V format is a WAV file compression developed specifically for minimizing loss of useful information in bioacoustics audio recordings while maximizing compression to save on valuable card space. In fact, the lowest W4V compression setting can double the capacity of your SD cards with no noticeable degradation of recording quality. The resulting W4V files can be opened with and/or converted to uncompressed WAV files using the free version of Kaleidoscope software.

New Keypad Locking Feature

When activated, the new keypad locking feature allows you to set a passcode to access the recorder's settings. This will prevent accidental changes to deployment and recording settings. Once locked, the user can still navigate through all the menus and screens. However, any attempt to change configuration settings or the clock will fail with an error. The time and GPS coordinates may still be set/updated by plugging in the GPS accessory. You can access this feature through the SM4's free Configurator software.  

Details and directions for the keypad locking feature, new W4V compression, and the Advanced Schedule Mode can be found in the PDF User Guides for SM4 and SM4BAT FS and SM4BAT FS.

Download the latest firmware here