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The five types of educators who should be teaching about bats.

The five types of educators who should be teaching about bats.

Now back in stock, our popular Discover Bats! Curriculum Guide and DVD (from Bat Conservation International) bring bat biology to life with dozens of detailed lessons on bat species, habitats, and biology.

Each Discover Bats! book comes with a Quick Start Guide. You get a school week’s worth of lessons. Nicely organized into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, the Quick Start Guide provides easy-to-follow lesson plans, applicable to grade school, through high school science and biology class needs. Bundled with our Echo Meter Touch, it is a great way to introduce students to the fascinating world of bats.

So who should be teaching about bats?

1. Teachers

Bat conservation begins with proper education on the importance of bats in our ecosystems. Classroom teachers have a great opportunity to be kids’ first exposure to bats, and can teach them that bats aren’t scary; they’re cool!

2. Outdoor Educators

Bats are often unseen creatures of the outdoors, and bat walks with the Echo Meter Touch are a great way to reveal them. Once kids see the bat calls light up on the screen, they’ll realize that bats are all around them all the time.


There are endless topics to teach about bats. That’s why the curriculum guide comes with over 200 pages of activities and information about them. Combined with the Echo Meter Touch, kids may just discover a desire to become a bat biologist!

4. Camp Leaders

Camps are a great time to introduce children to bats because they can incorporate them into evening and overnight events. After all, bats are nocturnal creatures!

5. Curriculum Developers

Teaching kids about bats combines math, biology, physics, and more! What better way to learn about the physics of sound than by listening to how bats call to find their prey?

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