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Welcome to Kaleidoscope Pro Cloud

When you purchase a Kaleidoscope Pro Subscription and create a Wildlife Acoustics Managed Cloud Account, you'll get access to all Managed Cloud features including File Storage, Searchable Database, and Cloud-Based Computing. Your Managed Cloud Account also lets you manage File Sharing features and billing.

Cloud Credits Included

Each month, your Managed Cloud account is loaded with Cloud Credits. These Credits are included in your Kaleidoscope Pro Subscription at no additional charge if the credit card for your Managed Cloud Account matches and is selected as the credit card for your Kaleidoscope Pro Subscription. For many users, the included Credits cover all monthly usage. When you exhaust monthly Credits, we charge incremental usage to the credit card.

To help you understand what's included, and what you might expect for additional charges, we've prepared a couple of real-world cost scenarios, detailed cost examples and an FAQ below. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our Sales Team.

Real-World Monthly Cost Scenarios:

Detailed Monthly Cost Examples:

Frequently Asked Questions: