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Your computer should have at least 8 GB RAM memory for efficient operation.


  • Minimum OS Win 7


  • Minimum OS 10.8
    After download move the Kaleidoscope 5 app to the Applications folder.


  • Linux (Debian 9 amd64): Requires libfftw3-single3, libxml2, libpq5, libcurl3, libgtk2.0-0, libc6
  • Linux (Ubuntu 18 amd64): Requires libfftw3-single3, libxml2, libpq5, libcurl4, libgtk2.0-0, libc6
  • Linux (Red Hat RHEL7 x86_64): requires fftw-libs-single, libxml2 (2.9.4), postgresql-libs (9.6), libcurl (7.53.1)

CPU Optimization

Kaleidoscope 5 can run multiple operations (threads) simultaneously during batch processing. This allows Kaleidoscope 5 to take full advantage of computers that implement multiple CPU cores. By default, Kaleidoscope 5 will try to maximize efficiency by using a number of threads equal to the number of available cores, plus one. Memory usage will also grow proportionally with the number of concurrently processing threads.

The number of threads used by Kaleidoscope 5 can be adjusted via the pull-down menu in the upper right corner of the Control Panel. This may be necessary on a machine with limited memory or CPU power available. It may also be desirable to lower the number of simultaneous threads if other tasks are running while Kaleidoscope 5 is working in the background.

Drive Optimization

For general archiving, any type of data storage will work. The speed and efficiency of the drive that contains the input and output files will make a significant difference to the time it takes for Kaleidoscope 5 to do batch processes. In general, the internal drive of the computer will provide the most reliable performance.

If an external storage medium is used, batch process performance may be adversely affected. For example, an SSD will always provide better performance than a USB thumb drive. If input files are initially stored on a slow external storage medium, copying the files to the internal drive of the computer before running the batch process may be required.