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Please note: The Song Meter Mini and Song Meter Mini Bat will not be available to Grant recipients until Q2, 2020.

Wildlife Acoustics Scientific Product Grant

How to apply:

  1. Download the Grant Application.
  2. Complete all sections in English. Keep the responses to each question to 200 words.
  3. You must include one letter of recommendation but you may submit up to 3 letters of recommendation and/or reference that you feel would be helpful in evaluating the application. These may be separate attachments and must be in English.
  4. Include a copy of the organization's certificate/letter of tax exemption that shows tax-exempt and charitable or educational status. For countries without these, please see grant FAQs.
  5. Email your completed application to Wildlife Acoustics. (Email address provided on application form.)

How to prepare your application:

  • Please submit your application in PDF format. Combine your application, letters and tax documents into a single pdf file.
  • Please name your file in the following format:
    Lastname of primary researcher_organization_2019Q2 (where you replace 2019Q2 with the current quarter)
  • Failure to follow these guidelines will automatically disqualify you.

What to expect:

Applications are evaluated quarterly. If you miss a quarterly due date, you are welcome to submit your application for the next quarter. When we receive your application, we'll send you an email receipt that explains what's next.

Should you receive a grant, we'll contact you to confirm shipping details. We ship your products as soon as possible after the award decision. We will pay for all freight fees, however, you will be responsible for any duties and taxes for international shipments.

Looking for more grant support?

If you received a product grant and you later determine that you need more Wildlife Acoustics products, you can apply for an additional grant only after all of the requirements have been met for the previous grant.