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Kaleidoscope Pro

Wildlife Acoustics is collaborating with ERM to offer a three-day training course in bat acoustic and mist net surveys for new and experienced biologists.

The course will help you:

  • Consistently manually vet bat call files to classify species
  • Select productive sampling sites and set up bat detectors in the field
  • Download data from bat detectors and manage large volumes of data
  • Use Kaleidoscope Pro 5 analysis software to process call files for auto‐classification

The bulk of this course will focus on acoustics, including review of calls and processing data. ERM will also offer evening sessions to demonstrate mist netting.

The USFWS’s 2019 Range‐Wide Indiana Bat Summer Survey Guidelines state, “acoustic surveyors should have completed one or more of the available bat acoustic courses/workshops, or be able to show similar on‐the‐job or academic experience”.

Taking a course is the fastest way to expand your experience with bat acoustic surveys and manual classification of bat calls. ERM’s course will demonstrate the necessary skills, knowledge, and proficiencies you need to master before you can reliably conduct bat acoustic and mist net surveys.


Please e‐mail Katie McDaniel at: kathleen.mcdaniel@erm.com

IMPORTANT! Preparations Before You Attend the Course:

Please download the free 15‐day trial version of Kaleidoscope Pro to your laptop (and bring your laptop to the course). We will have call files for you to process and identify.

Also, while on Wildlife Acoustics’ website, you may want to review some of their Kaleidoscope Pro tutorial videos.